Marineday: fine designs from Kobe, Japan.

18 August, 2018

If you subscribe to our newsletter and read our blog articles, you will be aware of the fact that one of the aspects of Nomado Store we enjoy the most is hunting for exceptional and original brands for our discerning customers (that means you!).

The process can be as simple as locating a distributor or attending a trade show, but sometimes it can be a real labour of love!

November 2017 found us climbing the stairs of an anonymous apartment complex in Kobe, near Chinatown. Hayashi-san, designer and owner of Marineday was waiting for us at the entrance of his showroom. Slim, energetic and sporting a pair of Bean boots (it was raining), he bade us sit down with a smile and served us a cup of tea. 

The following minutes were punctuated by more smiles and very few words on both sides. Hayashi-san had politely informed me during our initial contacts through Instagram that he did not speak English and I had confirmed that I didn't speak Japanese. For practical reasons, we hadn't managed to find an interpreter in time for the meeting. 

In my enthusiasm, I had obviously underestimated this potential language gap. Luckily, through the universal language of design and the latest in modern technology, we were able to kick off what was to become a very interesting if challenging conversation. Looking around the showroom, I demonstrated my enthusiasm for the original Eames chairs and other collectible design classics that surrounded us and in many cases served as displays for Marineday bags.

Hayashi-san whipped out his smartphone and launched the Yahoo Japan translation app, I opened google translate on my i-phone and Nomad_ist on hers. For 10 minutes we explained (in rather surreal, googleish terms) what the Nomado Store project was all about and why we were there. Hayashi-san then took us round the showroom, pointing out specific products, while we took notes and pictures before returning to the seating area to discuss the practical aspects of our partnership.


8 months later the first shipment of the Marineday Autumn-Winter 2018 collection has arrived and we are delighted with it!

Initial items include 2 bags available in 6 colours and 2 materials (3 colours per material) and some exquisite goatskin pouches.

The Fishfly is the larger of the 2 bags, offering slightly more volume and a longer strap than the otherwise identical Minifish. The bags are available in either a rather stunning 100% linen canvas or a high quality cordura-like nylon 66. Straps and handles are made from a supple but chunky leather which will last for years.

Hayashi-san's designs are elegant through their simplicity and surprising in their ingenuity. Smooth curves hide clever storage options and their slim profiles belie their capacity. All of the bags can be carried either by the shoulder strap or by a leather handle. The main storage area includes several pockets and can be closed securely. 
marineday fishfly bag
marineday minifish bag
The Robinson pouches are slim but offer 3 pockets, one of them zipped. As I mentioned above, the goatskin they are made of is of very high quality, fine-grained and supple.
marineday robinson pouches
marineday robinson
We will be receiving another AW18 shipment from Marineday in September. Watch this space or check out the existing range here!

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