New Ystudio Portable Brass Ballpoint Pens!

27 August, 2018

Ystudio have finally released the long-rumoured Portable series brass ballpoint pens
Based on the same principle as the portable fountain pens, these stunning ballpoints are exquisitely machined from solid brass and can be carried on a lanyard.

ystudio portable ballpoint pen

They are available in 3 colours, red (Nomad_ist's choice), white and black. With use (and you'll want to use these a LOT!), the paint will begin to wear off the edges, letting the brass show through. Leica camera owners for example, know and love this "brassing" effect.

ystudio portable ballpoint pensystudio portable ballpoint pen red

Ystudio have confirmed that there is very strong interest in these beauties, so we have decided to make them available for pre-order, before the distributor runs out of stock. Orders will be shipped in October.

Pre-order yours here NOW! Please contact us before ordering if you are based outside the European Union and would like to order yours tax-free. We can ship them world-wide.

ystudio redd portable ballpoint penystudio black portable ballpoint pen

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