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rhodia notebooks

We love heritage brands and Rhodia is no exception!

In 2019, RHODIA® celebrated its 85th anniversary, however RHODIA® is more than a flagship brand that can proudly claim to have weathered the decades without showing its age. It is an iconic brand that has a following of enthusiasts all over the world and established a genuine relationship with its customers.

The secret of RHODIA®'s longevity is simple. It's a name, a logo, a style, an emblematic product, all of which are the results of a clever blend of expertise, tradition, inventiveness and modernity. The Rhodia Notepad was designed in 1934.

Rhodia are part of the Exaclair group and use the famous Clairefontaine paper that is one of our favourites. If you love writing with fountain pens, Rhodia is the brand for you!