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kunisawa japanese stationery

We came across the Kunisawa range of notebooks on our never-ending quest for superlative Japanese stationery. The first thing we look for when selecting a notebook is paper of the highest quality, usability with fountain pens is indispensable. The second is the quality of the binding and outer cover, then finally the beauty of the design.

Kunisawa notebooks meet all these requirements, their foolscap paper is smooth and works beautifully with fountain pens, the materials and design of the covers are excellent. There are many other luxury notebooks on the market, but most (in our opinion) focus mainly on design rather than quality of materials and their actual use as notebooks. Kunisawa give you a beautiful appearance and luxurious finish but have been designed first and foremost with the user in mind. 

Established in 1971 and located in Shimbashi, Kawachiya's mission is to give life to all expressions created from paper and ink, including special printing/processing and letterpress printing. The company has stood alongside numerous creative clients such as advertising agencies, graphic designers, photographers, and artists to give form to a variety of inspirations.

A new stationery brand – KUNISAWA – was launched as another new expression in 2017.

The Shimbashi area in Tokyo has been providing craftsmanship to customers since Japan's Edo period (1603-1868). Shimbashi is recognized as the birthplace of Japan's railway and is now widely known as a district frequented by the business people of Ginza, Marunouchi, and Shinagawa.

The motif of the KUNISAWA brand logo is based on the mythical Japanese three-legged crow called "Yatagarasu."

Because he used a golden light to guide Emperor Jimmu on his journey through the dark roads of Kumano, Yatagarasu is celebrated as the "God of Guidance.” The three legs represent "heaven," "earth," and "humanity," indicating that all three are brothers born of the same sun.

Kunisawa use Yatagarasu as a symbol of business people that are casting a bright light on the future and inspiring the world.