New High Meadows x Nomado Store TN Insert!

08 August, 2018

We've always felt that the Midori or Traveler's Company Traveler's Notebook could be even better with a custom insert.

We started working on designing one earlier this year (2018). From the onset, mainly through customer feedback, we realised that a full-leather product would be better than a canvas or canvas and leather combination, due to the bulk of the canvas and the fact that it would acquire dirt rapidly and be near impossible to clean without damaging the leather.

Jacob from High Meadows Stationery reacted enthusiastically to our request and was able to send us a first sample (which turned out to be perfect) within a couple of weeks. Jacob crafts stunning leather accessories by hand, using locally sourced materials. High Meadows Stationery products have been available from our store since last year and customer feedback has been unanimously positive.

The inserts are handmade in the UK from a very high quality vegetable-tanned leather, which looks, smells and feels amazing! This leather is "nude", meaning undyed and untreated and is thin and supple to avoid making the TN too bulky. It will also acquire a beautiful patina with use and exposure to light.

high meadows x nomado store leather TN insert
The full-height pocket on the left side has 2 easy to open metal poppers, which are secure when closed.

High Meadows TN insert
The right-hand side full-height ticket and card slots are practical allowing you to replace both the plastic card and zipper files with just one insert.

high meadows nomado store tn insert

The insert is slightly smaller than the TN cover so it won't poke out from it and cut-outs allow easy use of TN elastic bands.

 High Meadows TN insert


At this point, we feel that this is the ultimate Traveler's Notebook insert. We've kept the design simple and focused on essential functionality, quality of materials and workmanship, we love the result and hope you will too!

The insert is available for pre-order here. We expect to ship the first batch by August 25th 2018, the second one will follow a couple of weeks later. Depending on when you place your order (available stock is limited), your insert may be in batch 1 or 2.

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