Introducing Peg and Awl!

August 04, 2018 1 min read

peg and awl sendakIf you've been following us these past two years, you'll know that major for us has nothing to do with production figures or worldwide brand awareness, but rather authenticity, quality, uniqueness and a sufficiently broad and time-tested range of quality products.

We've had our eye on Peg and Awl since discovering the Sendak Artist Roll and their Tote Bag last year and have been fascinated by their very unique culture (both personal and corporate). We also realised that there was considerable frustration at the unavailability of their products in Europe and decided to take a closer look at their assortment. 

Peg and Awl is a Philadelphia-based husband and wife team. Margaux and Walter Kent are fascinated by art, history, old things and the effects of the passage of time on objects, abandoned places and craftsmanship.

Their creations are beautifully rugged and made from natural, often salvaged materials. This uniqueness of materials and approach infuses their bags and accessories. There is a "rightness" to these handcrafted items, a sense of time and irreality which really makes the unique.

Their bags and accessories meet all our criteria when it comes to quality and design, but they also have "soul". One of the aspects we particularly like about them is the way in which they look with prolonged use - they age beautifully.

Check the range out here! We are expecting more products next week and will be adding to our assortment o a regular basis.