TEN Stationery : Minimalistic Designs that put the Joy back in Writing

July 17, 2018 3 min read

ten stationery

You may remember that we went on a European trade show marathon in the beginning of the year, mainly looking for new stationery brands to add to the store. Hunting for new brands is one of the aspects of Nomado Store we are the most passionate about, albeit one of the most challenging because we are so selective. 

We came across TEN Stationery at a Paris show, the same day we met VAU. We were in the mood for minimalism after walking past an umpteenth nauseatingly baroque array of gaudily patterned notebooks, when we found ourselves in front of a beautifully presented display of exquisitely-designed pens. 

Hong Kong culture is a sophisticated fusion of East and West, culturally diverse and open-minded. This was immediately apparent in our conversation with designer Paul Lam and his colleagues. Subdued colours, beautifully finished smooth anodised aluminium and an absence of the superfluous, their creations are bauhausian in their simplicity, but full of clever practical details which make them like no other and a joy to use.

Founded in 2009, TEN is a Hong Kong-based Design Stationery brand. ‘ten’ is inspired from Japanese. The pronunciation of ‘ten’ in Japanese means ‘a point’. Writing begins from a point; hence, the use of ‘ten’ as their brand name expressing the concept of ‘start-up’.

They aim to explore new extraordinary and practical ideas of stationery and present them in a beautiful minimalistic style. 

All their items are designed in Hong Kong, by Paul Lam. Their range is heavily inspired by their very special local culture. Some of their designs have received international design awards, such as the  GOOD DESIGN AWARD, RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, IF DESIGN AWARD and HKDA GLOBAL DESIGN AWARDS.

We have selected 4 products from their range, all of them available in either Silver, Rose Gold or Inky Black.


TEN stationery Origin Fountain Pen

The shape of this beautiful fountain pen is inspired by vintage dip pens. This classic shape is ergonomic and is comfortable to hold. This pen's design is the result of months of experimentation with various designs to achieve the perfect writing experience. 

ten sationery origin fountain pen

By removing the pen clip but leaving a clip-shaped ridge on the cap, the pen is prevented from rolling off the desk. 

ten stationery origin fountain pen

  • Material: aluminium
  • Nib and Convertor by Schmidt, Germany.
  • Nib available size: M (Middle) or F (Fine).

I'm a big fan of Schmidt nibs and these ones don't disappoint. Couple a smooth-writing nib with this special pen shape and you get a very pleasant writing experience.

ten stationery origin fountain pen



Same materials and ridged cap as the fountain pen. Very nicely finished, the rotating opening system feels satisfyingly robust.

ten stationery origin ballpoint pen

Awarded a Good Design in 2010 and Red Dot Design Award in 2011.

ten stationery origin ballpoint pen


HANG-ON Ballpoint Pen

We really love this one!

ten stationery hang-on ballpoint pen

HANG-ON has a hook on the top end, to allow you to hang the pen to your a lanyard,  backpack, or shoulder bag.

ten stationery hang-on ballpoint pen
By pushing the side button, the special mechanism pushes the refill out and unlocks the hook at the same time. With a slight push of the button, you can retract the refill and lock the hook again.

The pen is lightweight and compact, perfect for when you are on the move!

ten stationery hang-on ballpoint pen

Hang-on was awarded a Red Dot Design Award and HKSGDA in 2016.


SHELL Rollerball Pen

ten stationery shell rollerball

Redefining minimalism, shell is a perfect aluminium cylinder ... with a twist. Pull off the cap and you'll feel a small amount of magnetic resistance, just enough to keep it firmly in place. Hold it close to the end and it will snap into place.

ten stationery shell rollerball

The refill is held in place by the aluminium body, acting as a simple "shell".

ten stationery shell rollerball

 SHELL is a beautiful objet, but also a practical one which you will enjoy using every day.

 Check out the full range HERE!