VAU : translating Universal Symbols into Objects

March 09, 2018 2 min read

One of the things that separates truly well-designed objects from the others is the combination of the usual attributes, such as quality of materials, practicality and aesthetics with an intangible quality one might call character or even soul.

VAU merkaba paper weight

We felt an instant connection to the VAU range (and the company) when we discovered them at a recent trade show. The objects looked beautiful and were clearly well made but there was also something fascinating about them that transcended their aesthetic.

The initially purely business-like conversation with the friendly people from VAU soon evolved into an in-depth discussion on the philosophy that inspires their products.

VAU is an exciting new project that combines technical expertise and craftsmanship with stunning minimalist designs inspired by universal symbols from nature, art, spirituality or geometry, such as the golden ratio, concentric circles, pyramids and duality.

By combining function and symbolism, they aim to create new shapes which are minimal, unique and timeless. They believe that the energy of a space and the objects within it affect us.

Visually, their objects create a sense of balance and their elegant forms and smooth finishes enhance their tactility.

VAU is a brand created by PES, a family owned creative factory founded over 25 years ago in Croatia. The company has built a solid international reputation for the design and manufacture of premium bespoke metal objects.

VAU products are made out of solid metal and are produced by combining both traditional and modern manufacturing technologies.





Each single piece involves careful manual work by experienced craftsmen. All products are made in-house, in their workshop in Zagreb, Croatia (EU). This enables them to oversee the entire production process and ensure a high level of quality.

Their preferred material is Zamak, a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium and copper. Zamak has exceptional strength and durability and works very well with multiple plating and finishing options. In practise, this means they can craft beautifully-finished objects which are also hard-wearing and feel reassuringly solid despite their refined finish.

Something of a departure from our usual "on the move" focus, we have selected 4 of their desktop organisation products which will enhance your work or journaling environment between trips and a necklace.

These include:

Desk organisers

Letter openers & paperweights







Integrating universal symbols into functional everyday objects through craftsmanship, the VAU collection will bring harmony and timeless beauty into your everyday rituals. 


Check out the full range here!