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High Meadows Stationery: British Craftsmanship & Nostalgia without Compromise.

March 18, 2018 2 min read

The past 2 months have seen us frantically adding new products and brands to our assortment, in order to (try) to keep up with Nomado Store's current exponential growth. The challenge has been to achieve this while maintaining our high standards when it comes to selecting them.

We've been wanting to add Palomino Blackwing pencils to our range for a long time but also felt that there was a need for a compatible range of accessories. High Meadows Stationery caught our attention through their very nice Instagram feed at about the time they launched their first products, but it was too early for us and we felt their product range needed expanding slightly (we were very impressed by what we saw).

A couple of months ago, HM founder Jacob Peatfield posted a pic of a prototype "1920s Document Case". We immediately had one of those serendipitous moments in which we feel a strong emotional bond developing between us and a product or brand. All of our (and your) favourite products were chosen this way. 

High Meadows Stationery is a young company, based in Lancashire (U.K.) offering beautifully hand-crafted stationery-oriented accessories in a timeless vintage style.

After hand-crafting backpacks for a few years, they designed the Barrel pencil case and soon developed a passion for the world of stationery.

Their philosophy is 100% aligned with ours, focusing on the slow crafting of beautiful and durable goods in these days of mass-production and consumption.

The products are designed with minimalism and functionality in mind and always incorporating exceptional classic materials such as British waxed cotton from Halley-Stevensons (also used by Croots, Barbour and Nigel Cabourn) and locally-sourced vegetable-tanned leather and solid brass fittings. The materials feel and even smell fantastic!

Every product is designed and lovingly handmade in-house near Manchester, England with materials sourced in the U.K..

Last but not least, we have found High Meadows products to offer excellent synergy with the Palomino Blackwing pencils range, the Pen Roll, Portfolio and Barrel Case in particular are all designed with them in mind.

See the range here.

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