Kaweco release Limited Edition Amber Dia2 Pen Set

March 06, 2018 1 min read

The Kaweco stand was one of the highlights of our trip to Paperworld in Frankfurt last month.
They were showing a gorgeous Dia2 pen set made from amber-coloured acrylic under a glass dome. It turned out that this was a limited edition pen set that was planned to be released some time in 2018.
kaweco dia2

We immediately got down to harassing our local Kaweco distributor when we got back to make sure we were on the reseller shortlist. To our surprise, the pens arrived this morning (a couple of months before we expected them) and we added them to the store.

This stunning Kaweco DIA2 amber set is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide! Each writing instrument has it's own unique engraved serial number. Numbers are matched per set.
kaweco dia2 limited edition

Only the finest materials are used, the gorgeous amber-coloured variegated resin is translucent and a joy to look at and highlights the gold detailing beautifully. 
kaweco dia2 limited editionkaweco dia2 limited edition

Dia2 is a classic pen with decorative elements and proportions typical of the golden 20s.

Each set contains: gift box, 1 x fountain pen, 1 x ballpoint pen.

Price (VAT included) is 250 euros. We will ship these worldwide free of charge. Non-E.U. residents can buy them tax free, please send us an e-mail before purchasing so we can send you a tax-free quote.

Very limited stock available! Get yours