Nanala x Nomado Store Japanese Yellow Yubokumin

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Japanese Yellow edition.

In Japan, yellow symbolizes nature and sunshine and is considered a sacred colour.

One of our first collaborations with Nanala Designs, this is the ultimate Notebook Cover system for discerning nomads.

These covers are entirely handmade and hand finished for us in the Okayama Prefecture in Japan from the highest quality locally-sourced vegetable-tanned leather, which looks, smells and feels amazing!

Read our Blog article for full details on this project. The set up guide is here.

Design Brief Summary:

- Handcrafted in Japan: after working for the past four years with Japanese craftsmen, we find it hard to work with Western ones, with a few exceptions.

- Made of high quality leather. Nanala use the same Himeji leather as for the TN insert. This very high quality material is strong and supple, but robust and has an interesting lightly textured finish which gives it an organic feel.

- Very practical without being over-the-top (i.e. sufficient pockets & slots).

- Simple to use. We decided that the notebook had to allow the user to add or subtract refills easily, we specified the use of a robust elastic for this attached through discreet brass eyelets for better wear resistance. The cover will easily take 3 notebook refills and probably more if you add extra elastics.

- Compatible with regular TN & Jibun Techo planner refills (slightly larger than regular TN size). The cover is taller (225mm) and wider (145mm closed). Note: the 2 side pockets can each take a notebook refill.

- Refined but simple finish (rounded corners, neat detailing, etc.).

- A simple system to keep it closed but easy to open (not fiddly). One of Nanala’s most iconic creations is the handmade leather concho based on the sunflower motif. Entirely handmade from leather and brass, these beautiful conchos make it easy to attach or remove the outer elastic band, which keeps the cover closed. The elastic is not attached to the cover, to avoid it getting in the way when the cover lies flat. We recommend attaching it vertically. A concho is included with every Yubokumin.

Note: the leather may seem stiff in the beginning, it will soften and stretch slightly with use.


  • Materials: vegetable-tanned leather, (Himeji), metal.
  • Hand dyed
  • Storage: 1 closed full height pocket, 6 card slots, 2 full-height pockets
  • Card slots are sized for credit cards or similar
  • 2 inner elastics for refills.
  • Nanala hand stamped logo
  • Concho + 2 spare elastics included
  • Cotton dust pouch
  • Nomado Store "Lucky Turtle" logo
  • "Yubokumin" in Katakana script discreetly stamped on front cover
  • Will fit regular size Traveler's Notebook refills (2-4), B6 & Jibun Techo
  • Elastic binding attachment
  • Brass eyelets for main elastic
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Dimensions (closed.): 225 x 145mm
  • Natural leather interior.

Note: the leather is vegetable tanned, it may show marks from the original hide and the concho, when new.

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