Nanala x Nomado Store Yubokumin Set Up

January 31, 2020 2 min read

nanalaxnomadostore yubokumin planner set up

This article is intended to be a simple quick start guide, the Yubokumin planner is a very versatile and highly configurable accessory and we recommend that you take the time to adapt it to your needs.

Before starting, here are a couple of points to remember:

- Materials: the leather is brand new and will feel stiff in the beginning. It will soften and stretch slightly with use.

- Refills: the Yubokumin is 100% compatible with regular size Traveler's Notebook refills, but is designed to take wider refills (available later this year) and can even be used with the Jibun Techo planner.

- Card slots: the slots are designed for credit card size cards, you will have to insert longer cards lengthwise.

- Elastics: the cover is fitted with a double elastic, which makes it easy to fit 2 refills but you can attach more refills using separate elastics (e.g. TN "binding bands"). If you need to fit even more refills, just use the side pockets. Note: Yubokumin is designed to be highly portable for use on the move, we recommend using it with 2-3 refills maximum to keep bulk down when using it as a travel wallet, although it can take more. 

Now please take another look at the picture above to familiarise yourself with the location of Yubokumin's main features.

1. Remove the outer elastic band by pulling either the charm on the front or the leather label on the back.

2. Insert 1-3 inserts through the 2 inner elastics.

nanala x nomadostore yubokumin

3. If required, insert 1-2 extra refills (refill or cover) into the side pockets.

nanala x nomadostore yubokumin

The side pockets are also great for small notebooks, passports, boarding passes or train tickets, etc.

nanala x nomadostore yubokumin

 4. Insert your cards in the card slots.

nanala x nomadostore yubokumin

5. Use the secure pocket for smaller items, coins, banknotes, etc.

nanala x nomadostore yubokumin

Yubokumin is designed by us to be an all-in-one travel wallet, with a focus on writing. Every cover is entirely cut, sewn and finished by hand in Nanala' Design's Soja (Okayama) workshop in Japan and only available in small quantities.

Thank you for reading this article, you will find the Yubokumin range here.