Akashiya Calligraphy Set Echizen Lacquered Nuri Rosewood (Small)

A compact, luxurious and highly practical "adult calligraphy set" by Akashiya that you can use at home or on the go. The set contains most of the required accessories for Japanese brush calligraphy (shodo) in a beautiful lacquered rosewood box secured by a practical broad elastic band.

Contents: Fine brush for fine writing (Tamaha), fine brush for copying sutras (Daishaku Myo), safflower ink stick (sumi), water jar/dropper, suzuri-bako Inkstone (35 degrees), Echizen-nuri lacquer rosewood portable mall box, 150g paperweight (bunchin).

- Box size: W90 × D252 × H31mm
- Ink colour: black
Recommended accessories:
-Felt underlay(shitajiki) to stop the paper from sticking to the underlying surface.
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