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Akashiya Shitajiki Calligraphy Underlay

A must-have accessory for brush calligraphy.

A Shitajiki (下敷き, "under-sheet") is used under a sheet of Japanese paper to provide a better surface for writing or painting by evening the pressure on the paper  and helping avoid staining the work surface. They are usually referred to as pencil boards in English. 

Shitajiki for brush calligraphy are typically made of dark felt.

The felt does not wrinkle easily and stays flat. Two-sided with ruled lines, 4 or 6 square templates for calligraphy.

We recommend using a bunchin (paperweight) to hold the sheet of paper on the shitijaki. 

- Size: 264 x 360 mm

- Colour: black

- 2-sided (4 or 6 squares)


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