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Ystudio was founded in 2001 in Taiwan. Their mission is to explore vanishing culture, devote ourselves to linking past memories and modern life and make fine artifacts. They see their products made from raw, traditional materials as an antidote to the stress, coldness and inhumanity of modern life.

They say their products can be used for a lifetime.

The first time we saw the Ystudio range, we were stunned by the beauty of their design and packaging. Ironically, this does not do them justice. You have to feel the quality of the materials when writing to really get a full appreciation of these amazing pens. 

We use Ystudio products on a daily basis ourselves.

Design Specifications
‧ Pure brass and copper.
‧ Deliberate selection of materials which will change with time (by oxidisation, for example). Bronze and wenge wood are both light in the beginning, but will darken with use.
‧ Finely machined metals, with simple and rustic wood, balance the weight and feel. Without protective finish, the user can directly touch the true and warm texture of the materials.
‧ Logos are deeply carved into metal to ensure durability. 
‧ Combine Taiwanese design and traditional craftsmanship.