The .Urukust x Nomado Store Small Organizer - Portable Perfection

April 24, 2019 2 min read

urukust x nomadostore small orgaizer

Japanese brand .Urukust are all about craftsmanship, perfectionism, practicality and creating a pleasant user experience. Their iconic Organizer has long been one of our favourite products. The leather is soft and pliable, but also rugged and it can store a surprising amount of items in the various pockets and slots that are hidden under it’s beautifully minimalistic flap. True to .Urukust’s values, the Organizer looks and feels good and is super-practical, we also believe it perfectly embodies ours.

2018 was a high growth year for our still young company, involving a strong increase in workload, new brands to introduce and market and, for the first time, collaboration projects with 2 of our top brands. The products derived from these collaborations are infused with both our values and tastes (and a lot of customer feedback!) and those of the brands themselves.

The result (in our opinion) is a range of products which differentiate themselves by not compromising on quality, aesthetics or practicality - especially for people who travel or are often on the move. Our main objective was to offer even more value to our customers through this approach.

From the first memorable time I got to hold an .Urukust Organizer, I couldn’t help wondering how the concept could be extended to other products. Despite being compact, when full it does take up a certain amount of space (it will fit easily in most bags though). I couldn’t help wondering what a smaller, “pocket-sized" version could look like…

This train of though ended up in a very creative discussion last November (2018) in Tsuchihara-san’s workshop (shortly before I nearly emptied a massive bowl of miso soup on her through jet-lag induced clumsiness - I’ll tell that story some other time ..maybe), during which we agreed to work together on the Small Organizer Project.

urukust x nomadostore small organizer

The Small Organizer is just that, same materials, colours and concept as the regular one, but approximately h16 x w12 x d3cm rather than H16.5 x W24 x d3cm or some 50% narrower. The S.O. is designed with A6 size notebooks in mind, rather than A5 for the regular Organizer.

Compact and lightweight, it is just large enough for your favourite notebooks and fountain pens.

urukust x nomadostore small organizer

urukust x nomadostore small organizer

It also includes a removable divider with 2 pen compartments, leaving 1 main one for the notebooks.

In practise, it will take 2 slim A6 notebooks and 4 pens or 1 thicker notebook such as the regular A6 Midori MD one or 1 slim notebook and a smartphone. You can create space for 4 slim notebooks or 2 and your smartphone by removing the insert.

urukust x nomadostore small organizer

With the flap closed, the Small Organizer looks tasteful and discreet in a minimalistic way and is a comfortable size to carry in the hand.

urukust x nomadostore small organizer

.Urukust have specified the same gorgeous leathers as for the larger model and the S.O. is also available in black, nude, brown, dark brown and oak.

The Small Organizer is the kind of product we love to use ourselves, we hope you will enjoy using yours!