April 19, 2019 4 min read

traveler’s company new refills review part 2 028 029 030

As you will probably remember from Part 1 of of this mini review of the new Traveler’s Company refills for the Traveler’s Notebook, we decided to keep things simple and have split our review into 2 parts. Today's article will cover the Regular sized 028 (Card File), 029 (Three Fold) refills and the 030 (Brass Clips). Please refer to Part 1for more background information on the release of these new refills.

1. 028 Card File

028 card fileTraveler’s Company describe this Kraft paper refill with mylar compartments as “60 spaces (note: 60 pockets on 20 pages, i.e. 3 per page) to store business cards from associates, shop business cards or even “instax mini” photos. (…), collect cards from shops and hotels for each city you visit to easily make a unique guidebook of your travels. (…) for business, as well. We recommend it for collecting tickets or stamps.”

TRC obviously were going for a one-size-fits-all product when they designed it. Interestingly, the Card File covers two areas already addressed by the plastic 007 Card File (business card holder) and the 023 Film Pocket Stickers. The 007 will take both business cards and Instax Mini type prints, but only 12 of them (unless you stack them), which is 5 times less. The 023 Pocket Stickers are just that, you can stick up to three pockets per regular size page, but you need to buy a notebook too (we recommend the 014 Kraft Paper Refill).

Let’s take a closer look at the 028 Card File:

The cover and pages are made from a rather attractive Kraft paper, with a nice texture.


028 card file midori

The pockets are thin and don’t add much bulk to the refill, in fact when empty it is just as compact as the average TN refill.


028 card file refill



midori 028 pocket card refill

The pocket will take just about any standard business card-sized card, although cards like mine, which are double thickness may stretch it a little. This is where I see the only negative aspect of this refill, the plastic used for the pockets is very thin (to limit bulk) and therefore unavoidably flimsy. 

They work beautifully for long term storage, but I would recommend the 007 Card File if you intend to swap out cards and insert new ones on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend the 028 Card File for example for use as an Instax Mini photo album or to collect tickets or cards picked up during your travels.

2. 029 Three Fold Refill

029 three fold refillThe 029 TFR (let’s keep it short), is a simple but brilliant accessory! Someone at Designphil was in genius mode when they thought this one up.
The TFR is a 100% plastic transparent regular TN refill size (when folded) and horizontal A4 size (when unfolded) folder which fits seamlessly in your Traveler’s Notebook. 









029 3 fold refill









Just slip an A4 size document (I used a tourist map of Girona as an example) into the 2 end pockets, then carefully fold the folder in 3. Make sure you press down on the seams to so that the paper folds properly with the plastic folder.             




029 midori 3 fold refill





All you need to do now is hook it through one of your TN elastics (ideally at the front or back of the TN) and it will be ready for you to open up your TN and unfold it.

Travelers notebook 029 3 fold refrill
The TFR is slim (you’ll only want to slip in one document in any case) and will fit in even the most “well-fed” TNs.

029 3 fold refill


This folder is also ideal for printed out airplane boarding passes. My only gripe is that the middle section of the TFR isn’t covered by plastic when unfolded and therefore not water resistant, although this would probably have made it too bulky.

3. 030 Brass Clips

030 midori brass clipsTraveler’s Company know their customers well, these clips are made in Japan from solid, untreated brass which will patina and looks great with leather.

Available with either a Traveler’s Company logo highlighted in black or an embossed (very cool) plane logo, they were originally designed to allow TN users to hold their TN covers open, when writing or to take a picture of the contents.

Let’s take a closer look at them (full disclosure, the TRC logo version was out of stock when I wrote this review):

The clips are beautifully finished and the logo designs are tasteful and instantly recognisable.

030 plane traveler's company brass clip

I recommend fitting the clip halfway down the cover, to balance it properly and using one on each side.



030 midori brass clip

Each clip weighs 30g, which makes them just heavy enough to hold the side of the cover down, but light enough for them to be portable.


030 midori tn clip030 midori tn clip






TRC even added a hole on the back to allow you to hook your TN to a wall!

As a conclusion, I would say that the 028 Card File is a fun addition to any TN configuration, especially for use as an album.
The 029 Three Fold Refill is a really great accessory to have if you are often on the move, I’ll be using it on my upcoming trip to Girona, for example. It might be less useful at home, but to be honest, the same goes for your TN - these products are designed by-and for Traveler's! 
The 030 Clips are a classic design in my opinion, just like the Traveler’s Company Brass Pens and the Traveler’s Notebook itself - you need to get these if you own a Traveler’s Notebook! My personal favourite is the plane version, but the TRC logo one seems to be the most popular with customers.

Thank you for reading this review! You can find the entire Traveler's Company range here.