December 06, 2017 2 min read

It seems fitting for me to be writing this introductory article to our blog sitting in a Nozomi high speed train between Osaka and Hiroshima. At 6am this morning I answered a customer e-mail and printed out shipping documents and invoices on the Nomado Store HQ office printer in Belgium from my hotel in Kyoto for our logistics wizard, “Logistiluc”. Today’s (October 2017) worldwide connectivity and cloud computing make the 8-hour time difference seem abstract.

Ironically, after 20 high tech years in the IT sector, I find myself earning a living from handmade, technology-free bags and accessories. Despite this paradigm shift to an analog world, Nomado Store is a 90% virtualised business. In graphic design terms, (asymmetrical) balance is created through contrast.

We (myself and wife/business partner Nomad_ist) are self-confessed workaholics and perfectionists who exorcise the sometimes insane pressures of modern life through travel. To us travel means immersing ourselves in other cultures but also feeding our passions for good food, design, architecture, art and beauty. In all these areas, we look for simplicity (we are minimalists), quality of materials and workmanship.

Nomado Store is all about embracing the positive aspects of modern life such as the ease of communicating and travelling worldwide while maintaining an asymmetrical balance with traditional values and emotions. Our objective with Nomado Store is not only to achieve a better life balance for ourselves, but also for our customers in these highly contrasted and fast-changing times.

We will use this blog to give you insights into our products and their manufacturing process, brands, tips and tricks, user articles and travel tips. We hope that our vision resonates with you, please check out this blog regularly if it does!