Yamamoto Paper RO-BIKI NOTE CANVAS COVER (grey)

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RO-BIKI NOTE CANVAS COVER is a canvas organiser, designed for a minimalistic lifestyle on the move.

This amazing organiser is full of cool design details to help you organise and carry your EDC or daily tools. 

Each one is carefully sewn by craftsman, making it durable, simple and multifunctional.

1. Portable size

2. Thick paraffin cotton fabric will become more comfortable in your hand with use

3. Bind multiple RO-BIKI notebooks together with the durable Mobilon band (2 silicone loops)

4. Handcrafted in a Japanese textile workshop

5. Keep the organiser safely closed with the robust elastic velcro band, which also includes an extra pen loop

6. Multi-functional pockets for flexible use (5): 

- Zipped (banknotes, tickets, keys, etc).

- Full height inside side pocket (allows you to slip in a Ro-Biki notebook)

- Wide front "smart pocket" (perfect for notebooks or smartphones)

- pen pocket on the spine

- narrower front pocket (smaller notebooks, tickets or more pens)

Material : Size 8 organic Japanese cotton (16oz)

Made in Japan

Dimensions (open): 214mm H x 215mm W

Note: last picture courtesy of Yamamoto Paper

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