TWSBI 1791 Ink 18ml Colour Combo Pack (6 colours)

Gorgeous inks created by TWSBI to go with their (and most other) fountain pens 

Introducing the new TWSBI 18ml bottle of fountain pen ink sold in a 6pack. 

This 6 pack series of inks was created from a book written in 1791 called "Dream of Red Chambers". It's one of China's 4 great classical novels and we picked colors out of the buildings and descriptions within this book for this series of ink. 

For a limited time only

Color: Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Royal Purple, Pink, Orange, Prairie Green
Volume: 18ml bottle each 
Bottle Material: Frosted Glass
Waterproof: No 
Quantity: 6 pack of 18ml bottled ink

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