TSL×Hachigahana Photograph Club In Pad Camera Strap

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Handmade by the Superior Labor.

These very special camera straps are a limited edition collaboration between The Superior Labor and their local analog photography club of which the TSL designer, Makoto Kawai, is a founding member.

The strap is made from a smooth and supple leather which is specially treated for weather resistance. The padding/quilted pattern of the leather makes the weight of the camera easier to bear.

The nylon-reinforced tape attachments mean that these straps are compatible with the majority of cameras, from vintage medium format Hasseblads and Rolleiflex TLRs to today's mirrorless Fujis or DSLRs from Canon or Nikon.

This is our personal strap of choice for our larger cameras.

The Superior Labor team are passionate photographers, they put all of their know-how and craftsmanship into this range of camera accessories.

  • Handmade in japan.
  • Size: : L103cm × H5.5cm
  • Materials: genuine leather, solid brass, nylon.
  • Superior Labor logo + special collaboration label on the felt padding
  • Illustrated camera not included

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