The Superior Labor leather long pen roll 2022 New year collection


Limited Edition


Longer version of the classic TSL Pen Roll in yellow, blue or green Japanese leather.

This is a limited edition leather color.
The nubuck leather (Tochigi leather), which has moderate oil content, suppleness, and taste, is further rubbed by hand to give it a deeper expression.
It has a deeper expression.
Depending on the amount of pens and tools you need to carry, you can fold it in thirds or in twos.

The buckle clasp (made of brass) gives it a classic presence.

As with all Superior Labor products, the materials and finish are of extremely high quality, these pen rolls are made to last.

- Size: L39.5cm×H35.5cm

Note: the leather these pen rolls are made from is vegetable-tanned. Because this is a natural tanning method, each batch looks slightly different and the natural aspects of the leather (the hide itself) are more visible. Every pen roll is unique. The pictures shown on this page are for illustration purposes only, the actual aspect of the leather your pen roll is made from may vary.

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