Peg & Awl The Scout Plein Air Box (Maple)

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Note: current stock is the watercolour version!

The Scout Plein Air Box was inspired by Peg & Awl's endeavour to make art every day.

This pochade box compactly secures all of your essential art supplies for painting outdoors. Fill your box with your favourite colours, paintbrushes, and sketchbook. Find your spot and quickly transform the box into a mini studio. Set it on a flat surface or mount it on a tripod, snap the liquid jars, brush holder, and easel in place, clip on your canvas and you are ready to paint!

When stepping outside, perspective changes and we discover unknown parts of ourselves. By making plein air painting a ritual, we are able to better consider our world and our relationship with it. We begin to observe more closely, to better see color, and to hone memory whilst striving to capture fleeting moments.

Sling your Scout Plein Air Box over your shoulder and set out on a painting adventure—you might just find something!


Watch Walter’s video walkthrough of the features of the Scout.

- FSC-Certified Walnut or Maple from south-eastern USA
- Vegetable-tanned leather
- Brass rivets and button studs
- Steel snaps and buckle
- 1 exterior pocket and 1 interior pocket
- 4 slots for drying canvases (4″ × 6″)
- Threaded tripod mount

- 1 adjustable and removable shoulder strap
- 1 laminated glass palette with white bottom
- 2 magnetic drawers
- 1 wooden easel
- 2 snap-on jars (1 oz. / 30 ml)
- 1 snap-on brush holder (holds 8 brushes)
- 8 empty paint tubes (22 ml)
- 4 Ampersand Gessobord canvas boards (4″ × 6″)
- 2 binder clips for holding the canvas


About the Gessobord Canvases – Ampersand’s Description

Museum Series Gessobord is the most trusted pre-gessoed wood panel by artists for their work. The superior quality acrylic gesso ground does not dull colors and the lightly sanded surface provides exceptional brush control. This makes Gessobord the perfect art panel for all painting styles with oil paints, acrylics and mixed media.

Only Ampersand uses true high-density hardboard made from US grown and renewable Aspen wood fibers. Made with Ampersand’s 1/8" True Artist Hardbord, the surface is acid-free and non-yellowing. 


Replacement Parts Available

- Glass Palette

- Jars

- Paint Tubes

- Brush Holder


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