sou. scarf (2 colour options)

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An exquisite Banshu-ori large-sized stole in a luxurious cotton silk thread weft yarn.
The silk adds a delicate shine to the material. The simple bi-colour design adds a touch of refinement. The cream-coloured area includes a subtle light blue colour gradation. The material is soft and rolls up beautifully. It is very versatile and can be worn wrapped around the neck, as a shawl, worn as a stole, etc.

Note: the orange version is a light tangerine colour, not bright orange.

  • Material: Cotton (cotton): 72% Silk: 28%
  • Size: Length: 180 cm × width: 100 cm
  • Sewn logo
  • Weight: Approximately 88 g
  • Selvedge edging
  • Made in Japan
  • Usage notes: The material is very delicate. Please be careful when wearing it, avoid getting it caught.
  • When washing at home please wash gently by hand, please prepare the shape before drying.

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