Sora Moon daily tear-off calendar 2024

Moon, stars, history of universe ... This moon calendar takes you to the sky view lounge.

Sora Calendar is a hanging tear-off daily calendar that features  depictions of the phases of the moon and noteworthy astronomical events central on each page. It is a lovely reminder for us all that helps us stay connected to these astounding occurrences in nature.

You can also find a daily quote in Japanese and English regarding the sky. Important dates including those when certain constellations are visible and historical dates relating to human space exploration are also noted. 

It's printed on thin transparent paper and every page shows a gradual change of the moon phase.

You can tear one page each day and keep it to decorate your journals and diaries.

This calendar comes in a presentable box making it a perfect present for anyone who loves journaling, record-keeping or has an interest in astrology and astronomy.

Technical details

■Size: H185 x W120mm
■Package size: H203 x W128 x D25mm
■380 sheets bound
■Hardware binding

■Hanging string

All price includes European VAT for orders shipping to the European Union.