Smith's Leather Balm (1oz tin)

Treat the leather fittings of your canvas and leather bags with this balm made in the USA from pure natural ingredients to increase their longevity and beauty.

Note: Smith's Leather Balm is recommended for smooth leathers, such as the Japanese Tochigi leather used in Superior Labor Engineer Bag straps and pockets or the leather straps on the Peg and Awl waxed canvas range. The Balm is also recommended for leather boots.

We tested Smith's Leather Balm on a 2-year old The Superior Labor Engineer Tote Bag on which the leather straps were beginning to get a bit dry. Read our blog article for details.

Smith's are justifiably proud of their recipe.

Every batch of Smith’s Leather balm is handmade in Maine from 3 all-natural ingredients.

1. 100% organic cocoa butter.

Organic cocoa butter is not commonly used in leather treatment due to it’s high cost.

It has become one of the most highly sought after ingredients in natural cosmetic supplies and skin conditioners.

Cocoa butter is rich in vitamin E and contains natural antioxidants that help fight premature ageing and deterioration.

2. 100% organic beeswax.

Organic beeswax is safer and more effective than other barrier creams like petroleum jelly which contain harmful chemicals that can damage stitching.

It acts as a natural waterproofer, sealing the leather and protecting it from harsh elements.

In addition, beeswax functions as a moisturizer, softening stiff, rigid leather.

3. 100% pure sweet almond oil.

Pure sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins A, E and B. It’s a preferred ingredient in natural health and beauty products.

It’s hypoallergenic and safer than less expensive alternatives. It has many wonderful health benefits and works to improve the overall look and feel of leather goods.

No animal fats, synthetic compounds, preservatives or petroleum based products.Just the safest, highest quality natural ingredients.

Neutral colour.


1. Make sure that your leather is clean and dry

2. apply sparingly using either your hands (the warmth will help spread the balm and the balm will nourish your skin) or a soft cloth or paper towel.

3. Let the balm saturate the leather and dry for 5-10 minutes.

4. Buff with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Note: the leather may darken slightly, this will be minimised if you apply the balm sparingly.


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