Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter LTD_007 M (A5)


Coral red leather, charcoal felt lining, light brown mud elastic.

A true classic, the Taschenbegleiter is instantly recognisable with it's broad outer elastic band and smooth chunky leather.

Incredibly well made (in Germany) and very hard-wearing, we have seen 10-year old Taschenbegleiters, still going strong and looking fantastic. Roterfaden will repair them and offers a replacement service for worn out parts, such as elastics on geriatric Taschenbegleiters.

The clips are the heart of the system:

1 — Lift upper and lower clips.
2 — Insert booklet or loose papers.
3 — Close clips. Done.

Robust: stainless steel made in Germany
Flexibility: can hold ROTERFADEN booklets as well as sketches, brochures, magazines, passports and exercise books to name just a few alternatives.
No need to punch holes in them.
The clips are easy to open (lift) and close (lower) using just your fingertips.
Compatibility: TASCHENBEGLEITER is compatible with DIN A6, A5 and A4 formats.
Use clips as bookmarks: just insert them between the right pages.
Space-saving: The clips »disappear« between the pages. This makes much better use of available space compared to conventional ring bound organisers.

The Taschenbegleiter can take a lot of contents including tablet computers, notebooks and much more.


  • Generous A5 format (ca. 17 × 22 cm)
  • most popular Taschenbegleiter format.
  • 3 sets of clips
  • clips hold our 14 × 20 cm booklets, all standard DIN A5 booklets and folded DIN A4 papers. Tablets and e-readers up to 13.5 × 20.5 cm fit in the high inside pocket.
  • 100% wool felt lining: natural & durable
  • Pocket Combination 4:Inside left: one horizontal pocket at the bottom + two slots for business cards at the topInside right: one high horizontal pocket opening to the top
  • Penholders and closure: high quality and durable elastic bands for the loops and penholders (replaceable)

See our Youtube channel for how-to videos.

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