Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter LB_15 Recycled Leather (2 options)

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One of the first recycled leather options we have ever stocked because it is not made of polyurethane and other environmentally detrimental chemicals.

Rigid Taschenbegleiter made from gray recycled leather combined with a soft chrome-free tanned velour leather inside. Interior available in two colours.

Recycled leather is a high-quality material made from vegetable-tanned leather scraps combined with natural latex. The particular production process results in a slightly mottled material structure. Due to the latex content, recycled leather can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. The LB_15 is a firm, stable Taschenbegleiter with three pairs of clips for inserts and folded papers. Soft chrome-free suede on the inside. Versatile interior pockets for your smartphone, tablet, writing pad, business cards, and more.

Incredibly well made (in Germany) and very hard-wearing, we have seen 10-year old Taschenbegleiters, still going strong and looking fantastic. Roterfaden will repair them and offers a replacement service for worn out parts, such as elastics on geriatric Taschenbegleiters.


The clips are the heart of the system:

1 — Lift upper and lower clips.
2 — Insert booklet or loose papers.
3 — Close clips. Done.

Robust: stainless steel made in Germany
Flexibility: can hold ROTERFADEN booklets as well as sketches, brochures, magazines, passports and exercise books to name just a few alternatives.
No need to punch holes in them.
The clips are easy to open (lift) and close (lower) using just your fingertips.
Compatibility: TASCHENBEGLEITER is compatible with DIN A6, A5 and A4 formats.
Use clips as bookmarks: just insert them between the right pages.
Space-saving: The clips »disappear« between the pages. This makes much better use of available space compared to conventional ring bound organisers.


  • Generous A5 format (ca. 15.5 × 22 cm)
  • Most popular Taschenbegleiter format.
  • clips (3) hold 14 × 20 cm booklets, all standard DIN A5 booklets and folded DIN A4 papers.
  • Recycled leather outside
  • Waxed canvas and vegetable tanned suede leather inside

See our Youtube channel for how-to videos.


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