rin. scarf (2 colour options)

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An exquisite Banshu-ori large-sized stole in a very luxurious cotton silk thread weft yarn.
rin. feels as lightweight as the cen. scarf, but the high silk content brings added advantages. Silk has better insulating properties than cotton, rin. is warm enough to use in winter, but comfortable to wear during the warmer months. The material feels denser and even softer, and the silk yarns give it a gorgeous sheen.

This scarf is designed for both women and men, especially in these colours.

The contrast between the light grey and either the darker blue or black yarns creates an eye-catching effect. The reverse of the scarf is lighter, with subtle colour gradations from dark indigo to light blue and black to light charcoal.

The vintage power loom used in the manufacture of this product weaves without tensioning the thread, producing a very soft and gentle texture and selvedge edging.

rin. is a versatile scarf that can be used in various ways, as a stole, looped around the neck, as a snood, or draped on the shoulders.

  • Material: Cotton : 44% Silk: 56%
  • Size: Length: 180 cm × width: approx. 90 cm
  • Sewn logo
  • Weight: Approximately approx. 115 g
  • Selvedge edging
  • Made in Japan
  • Usage notes: The material is very delicate. Please be careful when wearing it, avoid getting it caught.
  • When washing at home please wash gently by hand, please prepare the shape before drying.

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