Platinum #3776 Century Celluloid Calico Fountain Pen

A classically styled fountain pen, the #3776 Century uses high quality materials and special techniques to offer a smooth writing experience, including a beautifully made 14k gold nib.

"Calico" is a gorgeous variegated mixture of black and creamy pearl.

Celluloid pens are few and far between nowadays, due to the fact that the material is difficult to work with. It does however have many advantages over plastic resin or acrylic. Made from mainly natural materials, it feels more organic and warmer than its synthetic counterparts. Celluloid is translucent and has exceptional colour saturation characteristics, allowing the manufacturer to produce particularly gorgeous finishes.

Platinum use traditional celluloid manufacturing methods.
A celluloid board is sliced to 2mm thickness and pressed into a barrel-shaped
mould. This technique creates beautiful patterns in the celluloid evenly
throughout the barrel, also gives the celluloid a deeply saturated colour.

Celluloid is made by mixing nitric-cellulose (sulphuric acid and nitric acid are added to cellulose), camphor and alcohol. When coloured it is splendid. It softens at 90 degrees celsius and hardens when cooled. Since it is easy to cast and carve and also produce in a variety of colours and patterns, most pen barrels were made of this material in the past, before plastics became more widespread.

Because it must be dried for more than 6 months to prevent deformation and twisting, it has been recognised as a difficult material to work with.

A celluloid fountain pen is a rare and beautiful thing, especially when made by Platinum.

Note: Japanese nibs tend to write finer than European ones, M is close to a European F for example.

Platinum pens use proprietary cartridges, availablehere.


  • Nib: 14K gold
  • Nib sizes: Fine (F), Medium (M) (contact us for other options)
  • Materials: celluloid
  • Includes 1 ink cartridge + converter
  • Size: 139.5mm × 15.4mm (max diameter) )
  • Weight: 20.5g
  • Made in Japan.

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