Nanala Design Small Postman Bag (Single Strap) Black

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An exquisitely made bag based on the classic "postman's bag" design. Entirely handmade in Nanala's Okayama workshop. The straps are painstakingly hand decorated with metal stamps and a wooden mallet. Also available in larger 2 strap size and in natural leather.



- Materials: body (Italian leather), straps (Japanese leather)

- Straps: hand stamped decorations

- Metal fittings: brass

- Pockets: 1 x large on the outside, 1 x inside pocket

- Side poppers to increase or decrease volume

- Dimensions: approx. 200x280x100(non extended) mm

- Unlined

- Handmade in Japan

- Hand dyed

- Hand sewn

- Hand cut


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