MWC 18mm NATO Strap (8 colours)

MWC 18mm NATO Military Watch Strap. (Various colours)

Classic NATO watchband made from fast drying ballistic nylon webbing. These watch straps are perfect for all extreme activities because the design characteristics reduce the risk of losing a watch to virtually zero, this is because the design of the strap means the watch is held securely at two different points making it virtually impossible for it to come off the wrist.
The history of the NATO strap started out with the single grey 20mm band around 40 years ago.

MWC was founded in 1974. They are one of the worlds leading suppliers of robust military specification timepieces, not just to individual buyers and the military but also to police forces, anti terrorist units, airlines, mining companies, shipping and salvage companies and a diverse variety of government agencies and departments.

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