KOH-I-NOOR Tabletop Sharpener (TLR)

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A well-designed tabletop pencil sharpener that looks like one of our favourite cameras! Used on a daily basis at Nomado HQ.
For sharpening pencils (graphite and colour) with diameters up to 11,6 mm. Plastic table handle-operated sharpener – for common and JUMBO pencils (colour and graphite).
The sharpener has an adjustable pencil holder with possible sharpening adjustment by indicator in the range from 0.06 to 2 mm. Includes a tabletop lock. Plastic sharpener in black-silver twin lens reflex camera design.
Dimensions 113 x 68 x 100 mm.
Note: this item is made of plastic and can not be used to take photographs! The vintage Rolleicord camera in the pics is not included or for sale.
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