Kobeha Graphilo Style Notebook (Grid, Ruled or Plain)

High quality Japanese Slim A5 size notebooks exceptionally well suited to fountain pens.

Semi-hard cover style notebook in a slim size of 120 mm wide that opens flat 180 degrees provides ample writing space. When opened, the center does not bulge or become difficult to write due to strong resistance, making it easy to write anywhere from edge to edge of the page.

GRAPHILO is the name of the original paper of the Kobe School Project, is a combination of the Greek words "graph" and "philo." This paper was created with the desire to create paper products that are particular about the writing feel of a fountain pen.

It was a great challenge to develop an original paper that was designed especially for writing and was particular about the writing feel of a fountain pen.

With the same tendency as the paper selected from dozens of types, the composition and manufacturing method were changed little by little, and writing tests were repeated on dozens of other types of paper that were completed, and fine adjustments were made until the day of the paper was first made.

While maintaining the texture of the paper, it is smooth and comfortable to write without fading or snagging. This feeling is expressed by the Japanese word "nuranura".

By using a filler that can cover the paper surface firmly even when applied thinly, they succeeded in preventing bleeding and thickening of the characters.

The uniform coat layer makes the ink color beautiful, and the expression of light and shade is rich.

By adjusting the composition of the filler, the ink is less likely to bleed through even when using a bold nib or overwriting. 

Graphilo paper is also highly recommended for drawing and even watercolour painting, since it has an exceptionally low bleed factor.

  • Size: 210 x 120 x 11mm
  • 188 pages
  • Made in Japan


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