Kaweco Supra brass fountain pen M


This cool new fountain pen is equipped with a 250 Kaweco nib, other nib sizes (EF / F / M / B / BB) are also available to order.

The pen's gimmick is that there is a connecting piece included that extends the length of the fountain pen by 3 cm. This way you can use it as a pocket size pen (for travel for example) or extend it for a longer version.

The extra weight and brass also mean that it is satisfyingly heavy in the hand (in a good way). The long version can also hold 2 standard size ink cartridges. The SUPRA is made of pure eco brass, which means that it is lead-free.

This brass is untreated and will tarnish beautifully. This natural process ensures that each Kaweco brass pen gains its own individual beauty and patina over time.

XF, F & B nibs available to order, please contact us if you need one of these nibs.

All quoted prices include 21% VAT, excluding shipping (see our information page for costs). This tax is deductible for non European Union residents and will be refunded after standard payment. Please contact us for further details.

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