Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Liliput Green

Special Edition (Kaweco Collection) colour (only available for one year). 

The Liliput is one of the oldest Kaweco models. In 1908 it already fascinated with its simple design, which was made of ebonite back then. The Kaweco Liliput still consists of only three parts: cap, barrel and front section.

In keeping with spring awakening and sprouting of nature, the Kaweco Liliput fountain pen presents itself in a rich light green colour. The silk matt surface finish of the aluminium body creates a noble and velvety appearance that invites you to grab the pen and start writing.

The fountain pen is individually equipped with your desired nib. There is a choice of five nib sizes. With the integrated screwing mechanism, the nibs can be changed easily to another nib size afterwards.

The pens are shipped in the silver Kaweco tin box surrounded by a green metallic Collection paper sleeve.

Moreover, eleven colourful ink cartridges are available. Especially the colour Palm Green fits perfectly.

*Kaweco Collection items are available in the Kaweco range for one year only.

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