JIBUN TECHO First Kit 2024

Our favourite planner system!

We picked one up in a Tokyo stationery store and haven't looked back since. The Kokuyo Jibun Techo is a planner that organises all the different information you have in your life. Formats are designed to help you plan out your days, set goals, track progress and keep record of the many things that goes on in life.

JIBUN means “myself” and TECHO means “planner” in Japanese. The Jibun Techo is not just a planner, it is a fun way to learn about yourself - the more you write in your JIBUN, the more you can discover about yourself.

The JIBUN_TECHO FIRST KIT is available in 2 sizes and includes 3 separate volumes (DIARY, LIFE, IDEA) bundled to make one notebook. You can use just one, two or all three together inside the same cover. Jibun Techo is designed as a 3-in-one system that will suit different aspects of and viewpoints on your life:

1.  DIARY: Your everyday planner. Vertical and monthly, includes a Gantt Chart for project management. Unique format for planning and organising information, 24-hour vertical layout, opens flat. 

The colour of the tabs changes every month. The hour from 06:00 to 07:00 includes two rows.

Specially-developed THIN paper is used, despite being thin and lightweight, it is more resistant to show-through than conventional papers, and resists warping even when you rub out erasable ink.

Sections: monthly schedule, monthly projects, weekly schedule, looking back on 2024, my dream in 2024, money plan, promise list, book & movie list, gifts given/received.


2. LIFE: For important events or projects in your life in the mid and long term. Record the information you want to keep over the years, not just the end of the year.
This is an undated book that you can use for a lifetime, as there is no need to copy it to a new book because you can simply replace it.
"MIO PAPER" is used, which allows smooth writing and is suitable for long-term storage. Includes 100 wishes list, personal motto list, life plan, birthdays, maps, "my chronicle" (life events), family tree, password hint list.



A notebook with a grid layout for extra notes, journaling, sketching or more. The perfect tool for brainstorming or just jotting down your ideas on-the-fly. It serves as an auxiliary line of thinking and logically and creatively invites your ideas.
KOKUYO's original "THIN PAPER" is used.

 Note: the Jibun Techo is in large part written in Japanese (it is still easy to use, just more fun!), you will find a translation of the table of contents here.


- Thread binding (easy to open/lays flat).

- Plastic cover with pen holder

- Fountain pen-friendly paper.

- 210 x 130 x 9mm (A5 slim)

- Made in Japan.


INCL.VAT price includes European VAT for orders shipping to the European Union.