Graphite lead refills (1.18mm, 5.5mm, 5.5mm colour, 5.5mm 5B)



High quality refills for E+M or Kaweco mechanical pencils. HB leads are perfect for writing or drawing, 5B are most useful for drawing purposes.

  • 1.18mm: For Move mechanical pencil. 12 pieces in glass tube.
  • 5.5mm: HB: Graphite refills 5.5 x 80 mm, hardness HB, 6 pieces in plastic tube. For Graphic and Sketch Mechanical pencils
  • 5.5mm colour: Ecological colour refills for all surfaces 5.5 x 80 mm, 8 pieces in four colours in plastic tube. For Graphic and Sketch Mechanical pencils
  • 5.5mm 5B: Graphite refills 5.5 x 80 mm, hardness 5B, 6 pieces in plastic tube. For Graphic  and Sketch Mechanical pencils
  • Made in Germany


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