Echizen Urushi Lacquer Box (black)

Gorgeous, traditionally crafted Japanese lacquered small wooden box. The urushi lacquer finish is absolutely exquisite and would look perfect on any desk. The black lacquer layer is slightly translucent, allowing the red sublayer to show through. Velvet lining on the inside.

Echizen lacquerware (an urushi lacquer cooperative) are based in one of the major Japanese lacquerware producing areas, in Fukui Prefecture.
Their lacquerware workshops create a wide range of products from wooden base items such as wooden bowls, chopsticks to decorated woodcraft such as gold-relief lacquerware and inlaid gold.

Since this lacquerware item is finished using a natural resin "lacquer", it may change colour slightly the first few months
after it is shipped from the shops.

The shade of the lacquerware may also differ according to the seasons,
the time of the day when the lacquer was coated, etc.


- Size: Width 11.0x 11.0x 5.0cm

- Material: Wood (magnolia )・Lacquer Paint

- Made in Japan

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