Ystudio - Ballpoint Pen (Brassing)

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The Ystudio Brassing series pens are made from solid brass with a coating of matte black paint. This combination of deep black and golden brass accents give them a classic and luxurious appearance.

Customising your Ystudio Brassing series pen:
The black paint on this brass pen will show wear with usage, letting the golden brass show through. You can customise the appearance of this pen by lightly sanding the edges or any other part of the case with the provided sandpaper to accelerate the process and individualise your pen.

Made in local factories in Taiwan, all Ystudio brass products are manufactured in the scorching heat of one thousand degrees in a furnace and characterized by master craftmanship with decades of experience. The pens have some heft and oxidise, which reflects that the products are honest and durable just like the people who live in Taiwan.


  • Materials: brass
  • Size : 0.95x0.95x13.8 cm
  • Refills: Ballpoint pen refill (e.g. schmidt refill p 900 m)
  • Made in Taiwan

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