Classiky KATA KATA Small Bear Dish (3 sizes)

A long time Classiky classic and bestseller. The bear dish can be used for food, as a stationery accessory (the smaller one is perfect for paper clips, the larger one for pens, etc.) and put to many other uses.

The printing method used for this product, copper plate transfer for stamps, transfers the design from transfer paper printed on Japanese paper with a pigment called Gosu to the unglazed dough.
There are a number of marks in the plates of stamps by copperplate transfer, such as smudges, cuts, smudges, color loss, and color irregularities that arise from manual work. There are individual differences in each dish, but please consider that these elements are always included.
In that sense, the stamp hand plate is not suitable for customers who prefer a perfect finish.
However, for customers with a preference for unique products these dishes will bring years of enjoyment.


  • Large: 9.8 x 15.8 cm
  • Medium: 8 x 13.6 cm
  • Small: 7 x 11 cm
  • Designed by Takenaga Matsunaga and Tomoe Takai ("Kata Kata")
  • Aichi porcelain
  • Last 2 pics courtesy of Classiky
  • Made in Japan

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