Ateliers Penelope Safari Shoulder Bag S (5 colours)

A perfectly sized cotton canvas satchel in a range of gorgeous colours. Perfect for daily use when you are on the move.

The Safari Shoulder is finished in a compact size while maintaining its thin form. By using a zipper at the mouth and raising the height of the body, you can smoothly store PET bottles and iPads. This shoulder bag is recommended not only for everyday use, but also when you want to go out lightly such as cycling.

Please adjust the length by passing the shoulder through the square hook.

Both (outer) sides of the outside of the body have two separate pockets that are convenient for sorting storage.

All colours/Adjustment metal fittings: Black

CR (Chinese Red)
MT (mustard)
GY (gray)
LGN (light green) 
BL (blue)


H28cm x W28cm x D8cm
Shoulder length/55-100cm (Width 3.5cm)
Weight/Approx. 360g


Made in Japan


INCL.VAT price includes European VAT for orders shipping to the European Union.