Artisan & Artist ACAM-311N Silk Cord Camera Hand Strap (2 colours)

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Produced in a traditional artisan’s workshop in Kyoto, this "KUMIHIMO" (woven cord) Silk Cord Hand Strap is one of the most unique camera straps on the market and by far the best we have used on Leica M or mirroless cameras.

Hand straps are a great option to carry your camera when you are on the move and need to access it at any time. It also allows you to carry the camera more discreetly.

The gentle and smooth silk texture of the cord is comfortable at all times. Based on a square plaited cord called "HIRAKARA-KUMI". Since the cord is firm, yet flexible, it fits your hand nicely when held either straight or twisted. While the cord maintains its elasticity, it will give you a unique feeling which a round cord does not give.

A protective leather flap has been added to prevent the split ring touching and, accidentally, scratching the camera body.


  • WEIGHT: 18g
  • BODY SIZE: L365 (when placed flat: 225) x W12mm
  • MATERIAL: Silk, Leather (Italian)
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Made in Japan

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