Akashiya Sai Watercolour Brush Pen 5 colour set (Autumn)

Japanese watercolour brush pen set.

The Sai watercolour bush pen series is one of Akashiya's most famous products. These award-winning brush pens will allow you to paint in gorgeous saturated colours.

Water-based dye ink in 5 beautiful traditional Japanese colours, typical of Autumn.

With the touch of a brush, you can draw boldly and delicately by applying more or less pressure to the tip, but you can also freely express soft shades by dipping the tips in water or moistening the paper in advance.

Use awatercolour brush pento modify colour depth. These brush pens can of course be used without adding water or using a water dish.

You can also mix colours to create new ones colours. There are many ways to use these brush pens, from watercolours to sketches to illustrations and sutras!

We recommend using the Akashiya extra-fine "Aya" Brush Pens for drawing outlines.


- Set of 5

- Colours: Vermilion, yellow, ultramarine, purple, dark brown

- Size: 9 diameter x 170 mm

- Water-based pigment ink

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