Akashiya Natural bamboo brush pen

Natural bamboo brush pen with varying patterns, thicknesses and textures. Bamboo is very hardwearing and pleasant to hold.

The tips are handmade using the same brush making technology as traditional Nara brushes. Akashiya use artificial hair with strong elasticity and carefully draw each one.

Highly recommended as a complement to the Akashiya range of watercolour brush pens. Use it to draw contours and fill in the colours with your watercolour pens. Also great for ink drawing.

The brush pen uses water-based pigment ink, that has good water resistance when dry and does not fade, making it suitable for long-term storage.

Uses ink cartridges (available here), replacement tips are also available (here).

- Size: 12 diameter x 172 mm

- Black ink cartridge (2 included in pack)

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