Akashiya Lightweight Suzuri (ink stone)

Lightweight double-sided inkstone Shigohei

A must-have accessory for brush calligraphy and Sumi-e (ink painting), especially when you need to save weight.

The finest Sumi (black indian ink) for calligraphy and ink brush painting is made from charcoal soot and glue, usually compressed into an ink stick and ground with water. The suzuri is a smooth rectangular stone with an angled depression in which the ink is ground.

The Akashiya Shigohei double-sided inkstone Inkstone is beautifully made and is deep enough for generous quantities of ink. It can be used on both sides, making it an inkstone with good ink retention, and a recipient that holds plenty of ink. Light and durable material.

Suitable ink sticks are available on our Akashiya page. We recommend using a water dropper to dose the water precisely, available here. This is especially important for sumi-e (ink painting), to adjust the shade of the ink and very useful for diluting yur Gansai paints.

- Size: W76×D137×H22mm


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