Akashiya Extra-fine Brush Pens "Aya" ThinLINE neon fluorescent 5 colour set

Set of 5 fluorescent pigment ink brush pens.
Slim shaft that is easy to fit into a slim brush type pen case.
The tip of each brush is made of highly elastic artificial hair (special fiber), and each brush is painstakingly created by a handmade process by a brush craftsman. It's a delicate touch, just like a facial brush.

By taking advantage of the characteristics of the brush, you can draw lines of various thickness by adjusting the drawing angle and pressure.
The bright and vivid fluorescent colors can be used not only for drawing and writing, but also as a highlighter.

[Set colours]
Fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent purple


- Set of 5

- Size: 7 diameter x 167 mm

- Fluorescent pigment ink

- Made in Japan

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