12 organiser - satin gold finish


A set of 2 beautiful metal containers for your desk or tabletop. Perfect for small items such as coins, paper clips, etc.

The symbolism of number 12 is associated with the symbolism of number 1 and 2. Number 1 is singular and symbolises a beginning. Number 2 symbolises duality, partnership and cooperation. Combined these two numbers form 12, which represents wholeness, harmony and a plethora of choices.Within the 12 organiser, these aspects are shown via a small (number 1) and a large (number 2) container which can be arranged in different combinations (number 12).

The two containers are shaped in such a way that these can either be used independently or as a harmonious whole.

12 organiser is made out of solid metal, hand polished and has genuine leather attached to its base.

Designed and produced in Croatia (EU).


Technical specifications

  • solid metal (ZAMAC - satin gold finish)
  • hand polished
  • genuine leather attached to the base
  • handmade box
  • product description leaflet
  • Product dimensions: 110 x 70 x 18 mm
  • Product dimensions: 70 x 70 x 18 mm
  • Packaging dimensions: 225 x 105 x 27 mm
  • Product weight: 370g and 265g
  • Product weight with packaging: 770g

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