Orit Scarves care instructions

The fabric that orit uses is very delicate due to their respect for sensitive texture and design.

For long term use, please follow these guidelines:

- Some products are woven very loosely please be careful for not to get caught and pulled, also for nails and accessories when wearing.

- Please note that slippage may happen due to friction.

Slippages fixes by arranging gently with your fingertips.

- Our prints are printed by hand one by one, so each of them are different.

The texture of print may change for repeated washing.

Please also enjoy that changing texture.

- Some products does not have had seam finishing due to the design.

Please note that fray may happen when wearing, daily washing and dry cleaning

- Please do not use the tumble dryer

- When washing, please use neutral detergent and do not wash with other clothes.

Wash gently by hand or by washing machine with using laundry net.

After washing, please arrange the shape and flat drying.

- If the fringe get tangled during washing, untie tangles in completely dried condition.

- If do not use for a long, place in flatten shape after washing and drying, and keep in well-ventilated dark place.