The Superior Labor leather pen roll (4 colours)

This is the sought-after Superior Labor leather pen roll (penroll) or (sundries) carrier. Handmade by Japanese master craftsmen in the Okayama prefecture, the leather will improve with use, becoming progressively more supple and beautiful.

The penroll has 4 pockets, 3 narrow ones which are ideal for pens and accessories, one larger to fit a smartphone or Moleskine-type notebook (the lovely Midori "Grain" Weltmeister notebooks fit perfectly). It can be rolled or folded and is secured with a leather strap.

As with all Superior Labor products, the materials and finish are of extremely high quality, these pen rolls are made to last.

- Size: L26.5cm × H19.8cm

- Available in natural, mid-brown,dark brown or black leather

Note: the leather these pen rolls are made from is vegetable-tanned. Because this is a natural tanning method, each batch looks slightly different and the natural aspects of the leather (the hide itself) are more visible. Every pen roll is unique. The pictures shown on this page are for illustration purposes only, the actual aspect of the leather your pen roll is made from may vary. Current version has a stamped logo, rather than a label.

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